Design Vision: Design a better life
Design Concept:  Harmonious, vivid , innovative
Service Tenet:Sincere, professional, humane
Service Concept :
BLSI takes the concept of Brilliant, Leading, Strict and International as its service concept, and becomes a long-term cooperation landscape by combining the rich and mature landscape design standards, processes and concepts at home and abroad. Design professional consultants, spare no effort to provide a comprehensive professional landscape design services, and customers to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership.
Brilliant:From the top landscape design team at home and abroad to provide professional excellence in landscape design works.
Leading:To first-class service-based, to provide first-class, professional, comprehensive consultancy services.
Strict:Treatment of the design has always been to maintain an efficient and rigorous attitude, attention to detail to control.
International:From Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and the international top design institutions with experience in the composition of the designer.
To promote the design, investment, attitude, with the integrated services such as cost-effective design consultancy services.
Innovative principles: a professional, comprehensive, standardized design as the basis, continue to be innovative into the design, providing a new project design highlights;
Cost-effective: to provide the top landscape design and professional services at the same time, insist on promoting cost-effective design work and services;
Attitude: serious and rigorous treatment of each project, the group collaborative design, and always strive to achieve perfection;
Reasonable design: design can be realized, functional, rational, and strive to local human geography and culture into the design;
Plant design: Familiar with plant characteristics at home and abroad, focus on plant design localization, hierarchical and seasonal use;
Design control: a wealth of domestic and foreign projects experience in the project, from the program to the latter part of the actual results have a strong ability to achieve control;
Design progress: to ensure the quality of the drawings at the same time, in time to complete the design by Party A schedule;
Site coordination: actively participate in on-site cooperation, the use of standardized construction plans and effect control manual to guide the construction, providing paid on-site landscape supervision services.